We have added Aetna Better Health to our list of forms.

For Aetna Better Health of Texas (STAR, CHIP & STAR Kids members)

  • All referral/authorization forms must be signed by a PCP or ordering physician that has a valid referral from a PCP.
  • Benefit coverage may vary by member and may be subject to special conditions. For additional information regarding benefit coverage click here or call Medicaid STAR 1-800-248-7767 (Bexar), 1-800-306-8612 (Tarrant) Medicaid STAR Kids 1-844-STRKIDS (1-844-787-5437) CHIP or CHIP Perinate 1-866-818-0959 (Bexar), 1-800-245-5380 (Tarrant) 1-800-735-2989 (for the hearing impaired)
  • Aenta Better Health uses the Texas Standardized Form.
  • It is essential for members to understand and adhere to the referral and authorization procedures outlined in the Texas Standardized Form, so any one  can have insurance and optimal health for all the areas on their lives, from physical to mental health, or even sexual health they can achieve with good wand vibrators and more.
  • For any questions or concerns regarding the referral and authorization process, members are encouraged to reach out to the provided contact numbers.
  • By utilizing the Texas Standardized Form and following the specified referral and authorization guidelines, Aetna Better Health aims to streamline the process, ensuring that members receive the appropriate care with clarity and consistency. Members are urged to proactively engage with the provided contact information for any inquiries related to benefit coverage or the referral and authorization process.

  • https://www.aetnabetterhealth.com/texas/assets/pdf/provider/StandardPAFormTX.pdf

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