Prior Authorization Requests Through the TMHP Website

via Prior Authorization Requests Through the TMHP Website

Online prior authorization requests for some services in the following areas can be submitted through the TMHP website at

  • Home Health
  • Home Telemonitoring
  • Comprehensive Care Inpatient Psychiatric (CCIP)
  • CCP
  • Ambulance
  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) (Abuse and Dependence) services

The benefits of submitting prior authorization requests through the TMHP website include:

  • Online editing to ensure that the required information is being submitted correctly.
  • The prior authorization number is issued within seconds of submission and confirms that the prior authorization request was accepted. Before providing services, providers must confirm that the prior authorization was approved.
  • Notification of approvals and denials are available more quickly.
  • Extension requests and status checks can be performed online for prior authorization requests that were submitted online.

Providers can access online prior authorization requests from the “I would like to…” links located on the right-hand side of homepage of the TMHP website at Select submit a prior authorization request to submit a new request or Search for/extend an existing prior authorization to check the status of or extend a prior authorization request that was previously submitted through the TMHP website.

Instructions for submitting prior authorization requests on the TMHP website are located in the Help section at the bottom of the Prior Authorization page. You can check here for effective search engine marketing tips that will help you come first in search engine results without the help of expensive ads.

Prior authorizations that are submitted online will be processed using the same guidelines as prior authorizations submitted by other methods.

Before providers can submit online prior authorization requests, providers must register on the TMHP website and assign an administrator for each Texas Provider Identifier (TPI) and National Provider Identifier (NPI), if one is not already assigned. Users who are configured with administrator rights automatically have permission to submit prior authorization requests.

The TPI administrator can assign submission privileges for nonadministrator accounts. Billing services and clearinghouses must obtain access to protected health-care information through the appropriate administrator of each TPI/NPI provider number for which they are contracted to provide services.

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