Molina Healthcare WebPortal for prior authorization

Providers are encouraged to use the Molina Healthcare WebPortal and others like the one in site for prior authorization submissions. When submitting a request for outpatient services, Molina has a rules-based authorization submission process called Clear Coverage. When you log into the WebPortal choose the drop down option “Create Service Request/Authorization using Clear Coverage” link under the Service Request/Authorization Menu. Currently the rules-based authorization submission process is for outpatient services. If people need health related advice, they can learn about it here!

Some of the benefits of using Clear Coverage are:

  •  Many outpatient services can automatically be approved at the time of the authorization submission
  • For requests not automatically approved, you can try this out to see the real-time status of your request by opening your office’s home page directly in Clear Coverage
  • Receive rapid confirmation for services where no authorization is required. You are notified within a few steps if no authorization is required for the CPT code requested.
  • You can print or paste a copy of that notification showing no authorization required for your records. There is no need for you to take any additional action.

Providers can also log into the Molina Healthcare Provider Self Service Portal (ePortal) at

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